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Dear visitors, welcome
.Hopefully during your visit you will take a little something from Raz
.And help build a better, more beautiful, more valuable world
And so Raz's spirit will continue to exist in the world

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Ataraz - Raz's Site:
{ "RAZ" (means in Hebrew) = a deep spiritual secret}.

On the 17th of Heshvan, 5762 (or November 2nd, 2001), in the special moments before the

onset of Shabbat, in Hevel Binyamin, north of Jerusalem, forces from the I.D.F.

select unit "Duchifat" set out to surprise an automobile belonging to a terror cell

(from the Palestinian Authority). This cell, according to army intelligence, was on its way

to attack one of the Jewish settlements with gunfire just as Jewish worshipers were to be

returning home from synagogue after Sabbath prayers.

The special forces surprised the cell as it passed by where they were waiting,

and the planned terror attack was prevented, but in the manoeuvre itself, the leading officer,

First Sergeant Raz Mintz, was injured by gunshot to his chest, and he died within minutes.

This web site is not a memorial to Raz - memory is for something that we no longer have,

and yet we make an effort to give it life.

Raz is here all the time. Forever.

This web site exists in order to salute the extraordinary gift we received - for 19 years, 7 months, and 12 days.

And we say "Thank you" To you, Raz.

For what you are: your character, your humility, your happiness, your desire for the good of your fellow person, your great love of Israel - this is your way of life. It's true, not in body. But your soul is no longer limited by time or place. You are everywhere, in everyone. And you can reach us with this site - Raz's site.

The goal of this web site is to bring those who did not know Raz a little of his light (which, of course, ameliorates the darkness). And that every time we enter Raz's Site, another spark will rise within us from this great soul, and that we should adopt the goodness of his character - learn to give, to be a better neighbor, to help each other to grow.

That would be a true commemoration of Raz.

סרט לזכרו


Watch the movie about Raz (eng sub)

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